Saturday, June 30, 2012

How Crochet Revolutionized Mathematics

I absolutely LOVE Netflix, and I do nothing but work on my business (crochet), play with my son, and have TEDtalks play in the background so I can gain back the IQ I lose talking to someone who has absolutely no idea what it is I'm saying all day long.  Well when this talk came on I was excited to say the least.  PROOF that crochet is the best art ever!  ^.^  And yes I have a very biased opinion.

In this 2009 talk, Margaret Wertheim explains how the method she used to create her crochet coral reef exhibit revolutionized mathematics by being able to model a theory that before was thought to be impossible to model.  To this day crochet and knit are the only possible ways to model this theory, and seeing as you have to have every single stitch open in knitting at all times, crochet is the obvious winner for this honorary ability.  She explains more here:

Now I know it sounds nerdy, but I grew teary eyed when I watched this.  It hit me what a truly amazing feat this is.  This most unique and fabulous of handcrafts allows you to make ANYTHING you can imagine.  It's sculpting with a length of string; and that people is amazing, I don't care who you are!  It reminded me of my most amazingly talented sister who is simply a genius with amigurumi. For example, look at this:

She turned her daughter's drawing into a doll!  (Check out more of her awesome creations here.)  What a powerful ability: to be able to turn a dream into reality.  It's the gift that all artists share with us, but to be a part of this crochet revolution is particularly exhilarating.  Who doesn't want to be a part of history?   It's like when Lewis and Clark set out to map the unknown.  The whole world was abuzz with the idea of discovery and exploring, and that's exactly where the world of crochet is now.  People are discovering and exploring all the crazy and amazing things crochet can accomplish. It's no longer just a knitting alternative, but a truly independent, unique, and inspiring art.

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